Standard Packages


Not much of a package but SiteSupra itself. It contains core classes and definitions of SiteSupra framework.


SiteSupra CMS by itself. This package contains controllers, routing, entities and frontend assets that are used throughout CMS backend.


SiteSupra authentication layer is separated in CmsAuthentication bundle. It sets up ``SecurityContext11 and handles backend user authentication. It is not suitable for front-end user authentication.


Integrates PHP DebugBar into SiteSupra allowing you to monitor requests, their time lines, SQL queries, events, and much more. This package is active only when SiteSupra runs in debug mode.


This package combines and integrates everything together. It sets up Doctrine, EntityAudit, Twig, and all other components required to run SiteSupra. It also registers most of the commands that you can access from Command Line Interface.